Thread Council

Thread Council had a noble mission: to free amazing artists from the client work they depend on and enable them to make a living from their own original works.

  • Client
    Thread Council
  • Position
    Lead UI Designer
  • Date
    Jan 2013 - Aug 2013

Why did it matter?

Because there are thousand of amazing creative minds trapped into the corporate world. So a platform to free some of them and allow them to work on their own ideas and wishes, was a concept I was in love right from the first pitch. It was like The Matrix for artists, you know?

What did I do?

I was reached by Thread Council’s team in order to work on the planning, design and implementation of their digital product.

After beeing introduced to the full team, I quickly started working on landing pages, getting requirements, designing, and finally doing some coding. This allowed me to get familiar with the project’s structure, which used a stack that was very familiar to me: Rails, Backbone, Coffeescript, Sass and Compass.

Artists First

The concept of putting artists in front is one of the key ideas behind Thread Council, so we worked really hard on figuring out how to highlight that feature. In the end, we decided to create a presentation page, that is used each time an artist is added to the brand’s roster. Inside that page, we introduce the artist with his story, and also run a launch campaign with one of his shirts.

We knew from the beggining that not everybody were gonna be driven by the desire to support an artist, there are some people who just hunt for great shirt designs. So we also created an enticing product page in order to properly showcase designs & t-shirt quality.


An extra resource was built in order to bring users to the site: an inspirations section where people could browse how Thread Council artists inspire themselves everyday.

Dashboard FTW

In order to show how Thread Council could change the apparel industry, we created an admin section, where artists could directly connect with their fans, by adding new designs, talking with them and seing stats for their sales. No hidden info.

The Kickstarter Campaign

We also created a Kickstarter campaign so people could financially support Thread Council’s mission. I worked in the creation of the content for the campaign, giving structure to the text, and adding images to quickly spread the concept. The campaign ended up beeing a complete success!