Worldly aims to be a social network. A deeper one. It does’t care about your popularity, it only cares about you getting the right information about any place in the world.

  • Client
  • Position
    Lead UI Designer
  • Date
    Jul 2014 - Jun 2015

Why did it matter?

Because there needs to be a better way to discover things in the world. A smarter system, without all the noise around. You want to go somewhere, you find the best tips and people to connect with in Worldly with a simple search. It would make people’s lifes easier. And that’s a mission I was ready to stand by.

What did I do?

From start, I was in charge of the user interface of the platform. There was a lot of ideas already beeing implemented and skilled engineers working on them, but the UI was still in progress and in serious need of becoming a system.

I worked on typography, colors and layout first, always trying to stay truthful to my own design voice: UI should be as invisible as possible, in order to highlight the real features of the system without creating distraction with extra decoration.

After establising the visual baseground for my work, I started getting my hands dirty: straight into the project’s repo, diving in the code structure and adding my first html and scss snippets. Thanks to the clarity of the project structure and the fact that it was a familiar stack to me (Rails, Angular, Sass and Coffeescript), I was beeing productive in code after a couple of days, even writing my own Angular directives.

A System, Not Pages

Once my introduction to the project was completed, I focused into creating a design system. Having a styleguide was always a priority, even if sometimes was hard to create patterns because of features being updated often.

Styleguide with basic elements.
Styleguide with more complex patterns.

A Mobile Approach

While most of the pages were responsive, we decided to create a different experience for mobile users, by using a different website for those than comes from cellphones and tablets. While requirements and markup was different, most of the styling was shared by the two sites, through media queries.

Mobile version of the experience page.

Platform Features

A lot of different features of the platform were created while I was on the project, I worked hand to hand with Product and Engineering teams in order to think, design, code and deliver those to the end users.

Idea page full of useful information.
One of the landing pages that describes what is Worldly about.

The Experience View

The most important page of the platform, the experience view, was my first task on Worldly. While the first version was usable, we received a decent amount of feedback from our users, so after a couple of months, we felt pretty confident to re-align it. Readibility was the main priority, while usability of the main call to actions was the second most requested issue.

Static Pages

I was also in charge of leading the redesign of all the static pages of the site, including a new homepage, where the goal was to highlight users already created content.


I really enjoyed my time on Worldly, I learnt a lot while working with a very skilled and smart team, which allowed me to think freely and make my own ideas to fly.